Signature Page

The Signature Page is required by the card associations to obtain a merchant account. Please review steps 1 through 4 in the table below, then click on the Download button to view the Signature Page (version USA-MSP-ELV-102017). 

StepSection / HeadingInstructions
1Substitute Form W9Leave this section blank. Velocity will complete this on your behalf after verifying your corporate information as registered by the state.
25 - Merchant Representations And CertificationsAt the bottom of this section, sign your name (only 1 signature is required), print your name, your title, and the date. The person signing the document must be an officer of the corporation.
36 - Personal GuarantyLeave this section blank. A Personal Guarantee is not required unless you have been instructed by Velocity that a personal guarantee is required for an approval.
4Submitted ByLeave this section blank. Internal use only.


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