VX820 Connection

Failure to make the correct connections in the proper order may result in a loss of functionality or equipment failure of your PIN Pad. Please follow these step-by-step instructions when connecting your VeriFone VX820 PIN Pad to ensure that all connections are made properly. Images with identification references have been provided for additional guidance. For 24/7/365 technical support, please call 800-725-1243 and have your merchant identification number available.
ActionStep #Instruction
Reminder1Use the images below as a reference for identifying your terminal, PIN Pad, and connections [A], [B], [C], [D], and [E].
Verification2Verify that your terminal is the "VeriFone VX520" and your PIN Pad is the "VeriFone VX820".
Access3Remove the protective plate [E] from the back of the terminal.
Disconnection4Disconnect the power plug from your electrical outlet or surge protector, not the circular tip of the power supply [A].
Connection5If applicable, connect your telephone cord [C] above the blue phone icon.
Connection6If applicable, connect your internet cord [D] below the grey "ETH" icon.
Connection7Connect your PIN Pad cord [B] above the turquoise "RS232" icon.
Connection8Connect the two-prong power supply into a standard 110v electrical outlet, then connect the circular tip of the power supply [A] to the terminal above the green lightning bolt icon.
Access9Arrange all of the connecting wires towards the top and replace the protective plate [E] on the back of the terminal.
Power Cycle10The terminal and PIN Pad will automatically power on and load all of the necessary files in approximately 2-3 minutes.
Key Press11At the main screen, select "Elavon" to activate the credit card application (this is only performed on the initial power cycle). Depending on your terminal software, "Elavon" may be displayed next to the "F2" key or the "F3" key.
VX820 [PIN Pad] Front VX520 [Terminal] Back
vx820 vx520-rear-ids
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