VX520 Key Load

Key loads are required to ensure that your terminal has the latest security updates. The updates occur automatically, however, there may be times where a key load must be initiated manually. If your terminal has been processing chip cards successfully and is now rejecting chip cards, please initiate the key load process by following the steps below.
ActionStep #Instruction
Menu Access1From the main screen, press the green "ENTER" key.
Menu Access2If "Public Keys" is not on the screen, press the purple "MORE" key (located above the "1" key) until you see "Public Keys".
Key Press3Press the "F" key next to the words "Public Keys" as displayed on the screen (typically "F1").
Data Entry4Note: The "Alpha" key is the black key located above the "2" key. Enter the following password when prompted: "1", "ALPHA", "ALPHA", "6", "6", "8", "3", "1". Then press the green "ENTER" key.
Key Press5Press the "F" key next to the words "Public Key Load" as displayed on the screen (typically "F2").
Download6Terminal will display "EMV Key Load" or "Receiving". Upon completion the terminal will return to the main screen.
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