VX520 Date & Time Change

Due to updates in your terminal file and differences in time zones, your terminal may require a manual update to adjust the date and/or time. The change is simple and can be made by following the steps below:
ActionStep #Instruction
Verify1Verify that your terminal is displaying the options from the main screen (i.e. Sale, Refund, Void, Settlement).
Press2Press the green Enter key.
Press3Press the F Key corresponding to Setup (typically F2).
Enter4Enter the password 1 Alpha Alpha 66831.
Press5Press the green Enter key.
Press6Press the purple More key (located above the #1 key) until you see Date/Time.
Press7Press the F key corresponding to Date/Time (typically F4).
Enter8Enter the current date (format = MMDDYYYY).
Press9Press the green Enter key.
Enter10Enter the current time (format = HHMMSS). HH must be between 0-24 as the terminal uses military time. Always use 30 for the seconds. Examples (10:30AM = 103030, 2:30PM = 143030).
Press11Press the green Enter key.
Press12Press the red X key until you return to the main screen.
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