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The change to Velocity is seamless and hassle free. It starts with the creation of a new merchant account without impacting your existing processing or funding. Once the new account is ready, Velocity coordinates a transition schedule depending on your processing hardware or software. Our technicians perform the conversion onsite, and card acceptance is immediately available after a few settings have been updated.Before the conversion occurs, a very detailed process is completed behind the scenes. This includes file reviews, bank verifications, and test transactions. Upon completion of the conversion, accounts are proactively monitored for successful authorizations, settlements, and funding. For large or complex accounts, customized implementation plans are established to ensure organizational continuity.Velocity is licensed and registered with Elavon; one of the largest processing acquirers in the world. Elavon provides merchant services to over 1,200,000 clients around the world, with annual processing volumes in excess of $200 billion, and over 2 billion transactions authorized and settled every year. Their global clients include Delta, American Airlines, Hilton, Marriott, Royal Caribbean, Target, BP, and John Deere.
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