Education & Training

We provide world-class education and training. Whether it’s a request for a software training, a question about implementing a recurring billing module, accepting payments on your website, or requesting a face-to-face meeting to collaborate on a project, we’re always available. It’s our pleasure – and there’s never a cost for our time.

Complimentary Training

Complimentary on-site technicians are provided by Velocity to educate our clients. Specific topics that we address are cash flow improvement, labor utilization, reporting, reconciliation, fraud prevention, and compliance.

Increased Efficiency

Knowledge equals savings. In addition to saving money, Velocity customizes solutions and brings an entrepreneurial spirit to every relationship. The result may be a reduction in labor to process payments, reduced accounts receivable, or increased efficiency.

Best Practices

We understand the payment ecosystem. By sharing best practices and implementing innovative solutions, our clients do more with less. They process more, they collect more, and they pay less.

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