Collecting Receivables

Improve Cash FlowReduce Bad DebtEliminate Wasted Time
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There's a substantial difference between having money owed and having money in the bank. We can improve your cash flow. With the extra money, you can order additional inventory, meet payroll demands, and reduce balances on credit cards and bank loans. It happens to every business. Open invoices don't get paid on time. Before you know it, some of the receivables are 60, 90, and 120 days late, even though the products have been delivered or the services have been provided. You chase and eventually write off the bad debt. Pursuing clients for money is an efficient use of time. Printing invoices, sending e-mails, and making phone calls, all to collect money that should have been paid. We can help you collect receivables and eliminate wasted labor so that you can focus on more productive efforts.
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