Delivery Methods & Timing

Processing Fees

Velocity does not initiate any debits or credits into your bank account with regards to daily deposits, monthly fees, or chargebacks.  All bank debits and credits that are a direct result of your merchant account will be administered by Elavon, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp.

Payments to Velocity

We only charge your debit / credit card or debit your bank account if you generate a payment from our secure payment page or if we have provided a one-time product or service that has an applicable charge. All debit / credit card payments and ACHs will have “Velocity Processing” as the descriptor.

Delivery Methods

All equipment will be delivered by one of our technicians or through a shipping carrier. Payments for products or services provided directly by Velocity will be initiated on the day that the product has shipped or the service has been rendered.

Product Warranty

All equipment will come with a one year warranty unless otherwise stated in written documentation.
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