Business Financials Requirement

Financials Requirements

The card associations require that every business applying for a merchant account provide proof of financial stability. These documents come in the form of existing merchant statements, interim financials, audited financials, or tax returns. On rare occasions, Velocity will accept a social security number and a personal guarantee, however this method is very uncommon.

Why Do I Need To Provide Financials?

Every credit card transaction that is processed is funded to your company’s bank account in full on the next business day (possibly two days depending on third party software or gateways). What you may not know is that card holders have up to 180 days to issue a dispute, known as a chargeback. Therefore, if your organization processes $100,000 per month, there is potentially $600,000 of risk. Subsequently, the financials of the business are evaluated to determine the economic stability of the company. While underwriters evaluate several factors when determining risk, almost all merchant applications will require business financials.


Merchant Statements

Merchant statements provide a comprehensive report of debit card and credit card transactions, settlement reports, chargebacks, monthly volume, average transaction amounts, and a distribution of transaction amounts. Merchant statements are a great indicator of processing but they do not provide enough financial data for underwriters to issue approvals.

Interim Financials

Interim financials provide a financial scorecard of a company and typically cover a period of one year or less. These include a balance sheet and a profit & loss statement. In the reporting section of any accounting software, these two reports can be generated immediately. Most applications can be approved by underwriting with interim financials.

Audited Financials

Audited financial statements are reports that have been prepared and certified by a Certified Public Accountant (the auditor). The auditor certifies that the financial statements meet the requirements of the US GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). Audited financials are required for larger organization where the credit card processing volume exceeds a predefined threshold as defined by the card associations.

Tax Returns

Corporate tax returns are detailed financial documents filed annually with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). These returns are setup in a standardized worksheet format to provide specifics on income and expenses. Tax returns may be required by underwriting for historical data.
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