Mobile Device Management

Use the following instructions to add a mobile device to your Authorize.Net account.

ActionStep #Instruction
Download1Download the "Authorize.Net" app from the appropriate app store.
Login 2Enter your Login ID & Password into the Authorize.Net app using the same login credentials
to access your account through the web-based interface, then tap "Login".
Login 3Login to the Authorize.Net web-based interface.
Click 4Click on the "Account" menu.
Click 5Click on the "Mobile Device Management" link.
Select6Select the radio button for the line item displaying the new mobile device.
Click7Click the "Enable Device" link located above the "Device ID" column.
Click8Click the alphanumeric link for the new mobile device.
Edit9If applicable, add the phone number of the mobile device and add / modify
the description of the mobile device.
Click10Click "Save" when completed.
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