Authorized Signer Change

Authorized Signer Change Instructions

Follow these instructions to complete an authorized signer change for your merchant account. For your protection, a verification of the signature will be completed.
Section #Section NameRequired
1DownloadClick here to download the Bank Change form.
2Data EntryComplete the applicable sections of the form based on the requirements listed below.
3SignatureSign the document in Section 7.

Note: The Signer must be the same as the person who originally signed the merchant application or an Authorized Signer as listed with Elavon.
4UploadClick here to securely upload the completed bank change form to Velocity.

Note: Do not fax or e-mail the form as indicated on the form. Please send it directly to Velocity for expedited service.

Required Sections

Use the following grid to view the required sections for completing an authorized signer change for your merchant account.
Section #Section NameRequired
1Customer Information
2Tax Information
3Business Name Change
4Business Information
5Owner / Authorized Signer
6DDA Checking Account Change
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